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Elsewhere band photos


Elsewhere, a progressive-punk trio from Boston is the product of a rare musical mutation that combines the energy and raw angst of punk with the ambition and creativity of progressive rock. The trio consists of guitarist/vocalist Michael Aroian, drummer Craig Morrison and bassist Marc Ubaldino-a trio of atypical punks with corporate day jobs who bring the duality of their existence to the stage with their high-energy live performances. This contradiction between image and sound pulls the listener into a state of emotional release through thought-provoking music. The truly progressive part of Elsewhere’s music is that it also has a pop sensibility that people can appreciate and relate to on an entirely different level.


1981 This is Elsewhere's latest and greatest project to date. The album will be released in 2009. The new tracks will include current fan favorites "1981", "Before The Stars Align", and "To The Surface".
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"Before The Stars Align"
Perception This is Elsewhere's second album to date. The album was released in 2001. Some of our favorites are "Connection" and "Marginal". This album also includes our first ballad, "Remember".
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"Marginal" - WMA | MP3
"Waiting Alone for a Spotlight" - WMA | MP3
"Faces and Places" - WMA | MP3

Perception This is Elsewhere's first full-length album. The album was released in 1997. It includes fan favorites like "Outbound" and "Brooding".
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"Brooding" - WMA | MP3
"Outbound" - WMA | MP3